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Confessions of a Red Headed CoffeeShop Girl

Anthropology graduate Joanie Little is stuck working as a barista. Rather than let this get her down, she decides to make the most of her “underemployment”. So, much like Jane Goodall did with chimpanzees, this upbeat Miss studies her only available subjects: the eccentric customers of her coffee shop ‘jungle’. Hilarity ensues, with jazzy tunes, co-worker showdowns, life lessons and even a bit of romance. Created and developed by Toronto’s critically acclaimed solo performer, Rebecca Perry, Joanie Little brews up a comedic storm that you won’t want to miss! Confessions of a Redheaded Coffeeshop Girl is the internationally successful show for anyone who has ever had a job they didn’t like.

Tickets on sale NOW at Jack Byrne Regional Ticket Office!



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