The mandatory wearing of a CSA approved protective helmet for ice sports by ALL participants, for their protection and safety during ice skating activities at the Jack Byrne Arena is an important initiative for the Board of Directors of Jack Byrne Arena, Towns of Torbay, Flatrock, Pouch Cove, Logy Bay- Middle Cove- Outer Cove, user groups and the public at large.

Policy Statement
This policy was implemented for the safety and wellbeing of all users while participating in ice skating activities at the Jack Byrne Arena.

All participants during ice related activities at the Jack Byrne Arena shall wear a CSA approved protective helmet for ice sports. This policy will be clearly posted with the other established regulations for activities and placed at the entrance of the Jack Byrne Arena.

Figure Skaters who are registered with Skate Canada and after successfully completing the CanSkate Program as well as figure skating competition during sanctioned competitions are exempt from wearing a protective helmet during these activities as standard practice in the sport which is sanctioned by Skate Canada and Skate NL.

This policy will not apply to team personnel during bookings made by the teams associated with the Pro Hockey League.

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Mariette ByrnePosted on  1:56 pm - Sep 12, 2016

I assume mandatory helmets apply to adult general skating. Please confirm . Thanks

Michelle evansPosted on  6:03 pm - Feb 21, 2017

Do you have skate and helmet rentals? If yes how much? Thanks

Do you accept csa approved bike helmets for ice skating party?

    cgreenPosted on  12:37 pm - Mar 1, 2017

    We do not rent skates or helmets. There are a few helmets here, that you are more than welcome to borrow from, but we cannot guarantee their availability.
    Bike helmets are not acceptable- it must be a hockey helmet or an ice sport helmet.

Cathy SmallwoodPosted on  3:18 pm - Feb 28, 2017

Are bicycle helmets acceptable?

Donna WhitePosted on  3:53 pm - Feb 18, 2018

Is a cage necessary on a child’s helmet?

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