Walking Track


Schedule: August 2018


 Mon Tue Wed Thu Fri Sat Sun
 9am- 9pm  9am- 9pm 9am- 9pm Closed Closed
9am- 9pm 9am-9pm 9am-9pm 9am-9pm 9am-9pm Closed Closed
9am- 9pm 9am-9pm 9am-9pm 9am-9pm 9am- 9pm Closed 12pm- 7pm
9am- 9pm 9am-9pm 9am-9pm 9am- 9pm 9am- 9pm Closed 3pm- 8pm
9am- 9pm 9am- 9pm 9am- 9pm 9am- 9pm  9am- 9pm

*If there is a special event/ paid event, the track will be closed. These times will be posted*

** These times are subject to change**

Cost: $2


Do you live in the Northeast Avalon Region? Do you want to live a healthy and active lifestyle?
If you’ve answered YES to these questions, come visit us!

The club is made up of residents living in the Northeast Avalon Region.
We offer accessibility to the Walking Track at a reduced cost.
There are monthly ‘Lunch & Learn’ Sessions (September- April)
We offer Club Challenges! Everyone is welcome to participate!

For more information, drop by the Main Office for an information/ registration package!11